Since it was launched in the market, Buddhist Purifying Oil is overwhelmingly received by consumers nationwide. Over the years, many had used it to strike prizes. Nothing more needed to be said about the effectiveness of this wonderful oil. Use it with a pious heart and you will not be disappointed.

How to use:-  

1.Moved into new premises:

Apply it on front and back door of the new house, or on the newly opening signboard to induce auspicious element and shun evil, to received noble persons as well as fortune luck and brings prosperity for business.  

2. Vehicles:

Whether it is a car, motorcycle or tricycle, just apply it on the number plate. If you possesses fortune luck, then the number will strike earlier. But most importantly, it has the effect of blessing for safety, smooth journey and get rid of goblin spirit.    

3. Altar:

Apply it on the altar will emit sweet fragrance bringing happiness to all.    

4. Lamp offered to Heaven:

Add Buddhist Purifying Oil into the lamp container on every 1st and 15th day of the month to enhance its spiritual power, bless for safety of the family.    

5. Oil lamp:

Add Buddhist Purifying Oil into oil lamps offering to deities for a smooth career and productive business.  

6. Apply for job:

Apply some Buddhist Purifying Oil on the forehead when interviewing for job will give you confidence and in style.  

7. Human relation:

Put a bottle of Buddhist Purifying Oil in the pocket will strengthen your human relationship with others. In office, you are in friendly terms with colleagues, as sales personnel you are well received by others and likely to meet noble persons who will help prosperous your business.

8. Alter luck:

If you find your luck is degrading meeting with obstacles like number missed when betting on 4 digit gamble, all you have to do is to add Buddhist Purifying Oil into oil lamps on the altar. If you do not worship any deity at home, you can put a bottle of Buddhist Purifying Oil on office desk or on study table at home. You can also put it on your fortune luck direction of current year and your luck will flourish.