Zhu Ge Kong Ming Chen Tan Xiang

Send Wishes Way Up to The Celestial

Anyone who worshipped Buddha or deities at home or in temple would burn joss incense. Joss incense has been treated as a bridge of communication between followers and deities, is it not? When we facing danger, difficulty, doubt or feeling grateful, we would burn incense to worship and make wishes to deities. The aroma of incense fills the air and slowly flying up the celestial.

Daoism Incense Ritual - Burn joss-sticks to worship San Qing

When activities of a temple are busy, followers would want to burn incense to worship deities. This is especially true for Daoism's major ritual when burning incense is being considered as utmost important. This shows that burning incense represents our pious respect for deities.

The incense ritual of Daoism as mentioned in "Three Kingdoms: Wu Book" described Daoism priests burnt joss-sticks and read Daoism book. And the importance of joss-sticks could be seen from this poem: "Aroma of incense reaches celestial, auspicious lights shine the world."

Incense ritual of Daoism: After worshipping, inserts 3 joss-sticks altogether into the incense burner is for San Qing together. If joss-stick is insert in the middle, then the dragon direction (on the right facing deities), finally the tiger direction (on the left facing deities), they are for San Qing separately. In Daoism 3 joss sticks represent San Qing that are Yu Qing, Shang Qing and Tai Qing. They also represent celestial, earth and man. Worship San Qing is to respect celestial, respect earth and respect man of virtue.

The making of joss sticks: We must appreciate the wisdom of our ancestor for making joss sticks from the creative idea by burning woods. They grind the wood into powder to make all types of incenses. So joss sticks, pagoda shaped incense, circular shaped incense, incense ball and plate incense are produced. When incense is burnt, it would produce sweet smell. People believed that the aroma would fly with the wind and send their prayer to the deities.

Chen Xiang Tan Xiang - Burning one for heaven

All the while people thought that the more you worship deities, the more you burn incense the more good you will get. And there is this saying that you should not worship with single joss-stick because lonely incense lacks auspicious. Of course this is misleading. It is in fact appropriate to worship deities with single joss-stick, especially in the house. Too many incenses burnt would produce too much smokes and polluted the air. It is unhealthy for human and may have bad influence for respiratory system. It is especially so when you use bad quality incense which may have added extra spices or chemical ingredients. Therefore it is a must to use good quality incense, although a bit expensive, for better air.

In view of this problem, Master Miao Da uses Chen Xiang and Lao Tan Xiang mixed to produce Chen Tan Xiang. This new product is made without adding any nitrate, mixed substance or chemical additive. When burn, a light aroma would make you feel peace at mind and worries all gone. It could cleanse your mind and uplift your emotion to become as one with celestial.

Offers and worships deities - Man and celestial as one

Chen Xiang product is elegance, it has been acclaimed as the prime aroma since old time. It is "King of aroma." Chen Xiang is a kind of very old tree and is difficult to find. It is the congeal substance of resin and wood material which, after hundreds of years, accumulated and solidified to a certain degree. Take down this portion and throws away the woody part, that is Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang that had absorbed essence of earth for hundreds of years possessed special aroma. It can be used as medicine for some illnesses. Its anima and strong magnetic field can resolve evil and flourish luck. When it is used for making incense, is aroma helps stabilizing emotion, flourishing magnetic field to improve health condition It can bring happiness and prolong life, enhance human relations and promote harmony at home.

According to Buddhism, Tan Xiang brings happiness and joy. It can cure fever. Tan Xiang is also called "green gold" and "King of spices." The best part is taken from Tan Xiang tree's inner wood or its resin. The wood nearest to tree stump is best for making wood powder and plank. Incense made of Tan Xiang is considered precious product.

Tan Xiang can be used for medical purposes, its smoke can kill germ and get rid of evil. It can console our spirit and helps pacify our mind. People learning Buddhism used Tan Xiang to help them reach celestial and man as one in meditation.

Master Miao da is swift in thought and is often guided by deities. He mixed Chen Xiang and Tan Xiang to produce "Zhu Ge Kong Ming Chen Tan Xiang' joss sticks. This pure natural product is then cleansed with chanting of high priest. When burn the incense would emit light fragrance that could make people feel serene and ease at heart. When use it to worship deities with heart full of pious, your prayer will be answered.

"Zhu Ge Kong Ming Chen Tan Xiang: comes with a round joss stick stand. For those who did not worship deity at home and wish to burn Tan Xiang to get rid of dirty element, this stand can be of good use. After inserting incense for 49 days, you can wear the round stand to enhance your luck, human relation, protection and positive energy.

To worship deities using Tan Xiang: Burn a joss stick every morning and every night or every 1st and 15th of the month. You can burn it for your own to get rid of evil element and flourishes your luck cycle. Because it is a natural product, it won't affect your health but keep you in peace. Precious Chen Xiang and Tan Xiang combined is really an ultimate product of all aromas.