Di-Zhu (Land Deity) is one of the most popular deities being worshipped by every household.  The rest of deities can be enshrined in some secluded places, but Di-Zhu must be placed facing the main door.  The real name of Di-Zhu is “Dragon God of five places and five directions, Wealth god of front and back Di-Zhu”.  Facing the main door means inducing fortune from outside the door to enhance the fortune luck of the house.  Di-Zhu is also the protection deity of the house.  By erecting facing the main door can chase away evil elements from coming into the house.

When worshipping Di-Zhu-Gong, we must always burn Di-Zhu-Jin as offering.  It is up to your own wish whether or not to burn in normal days, but during first and fifteen days of every month, at least five boxes of Di-Zhu-Jin must be burned.  Besides burning Di-Zhu-Jin for Di-Zhu-Gong at home, when going out to pray to other deities, don’t forget to burn Di-Zhu-Jin for “Dragon God of five places and five directions”. During Qing-Ming (clean grave festival), when offering ritual to ancestors, don’t forget that “Hou-tu” (back earth) also needs to pray with Di-Zhu-Jin. Burn at least five boxes, the more the better.

If children used to cry during midnight, then burning Di-Zhu-Jin is a must.  It should be done between 11.00pm to 1.00am in the morning. Also, prepare offering items:- 5 red Chinese dates, 5 lime fruits, 5 sweets, 5 boxes of Di-Zhu-Jin, 5 glasses of Chinese Tea, 5 joss-sticks and a pair of candles. Pray and ask Di-Zhu-Gong to protect the child not to cry at night. 

And if business is unsmooth and family not agreeable, likewise you should burn Di-Zhu-Jin. Offering items are:- 5 boxes of Di-Zhu-Jin, 1 pineapple, 5 lime fruits, 5 stuffed cakes, 5 glasses of Chinese Tea, 5 joss-sticks and a pair of candles. Pray Di-Zhu-Gong for protection.