NOTICE is hereby given to the trade and public that Zhu Ge Kong Ming Sdn Bhd (Company No. 581637-U) of No. 71-73, Jalan Hujan Emas 8, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ("ZGKM") is the registered proprietor under Registration Nos. 05020769, 05020770 and 02014799 and/or common law proprietor of the above trade marks ("Trade Marks") in relation to prayer paper for burning, paper boxes and essential oils, aromatherapy oils, perfumery, cosmetics ("the Products"). ZGKM publishes a yearly publication entitled "Zhu Ge Kong Ming Astrology", a quarterly newsletter entitled "Miao Da", a booklet entitled "Huan Zhai Jin" and a yearly calendar. ZGKM is also the copyright owner in the artwork contained in the Trade Marks as well as in its publications and printed matters. It should be noted that ZGKM has been granted a Trade Description Order (TDO) by the High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur on 25 May 2007 covering a wide range of products including the Products.

FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that any person, business, firm or company found to be printing, distributing, selling, offering for sale/supply, exporting or importing or otherwise dealing with products, printed matters and/or publications bearing the Trade Marks or any marks which are confusingly similar to the Trade Marks will be infringing ZGKM's trade mark rights as well as copyright Apart from civil liability, the above acts may also give rise to CRIMINAL PROSECUTION under the Copyright Act 1987, Trade Descriptions Act 1972 and Consumer Protection Act 1999. Such unlawful acts as well as the possession by any person, firm or company of unauthorized versions of the publications and printed matters, otherwise than for private and domestic use, may give rise to criminal prosecution under the Copyright Act 1987 and if found guilty, offenders would be subject to a minimum fine of RM2000 and a maximum fine of RM20,000 for each infringing copy, or to a jail term not exceeding 5 years or both. Further, offenders found guilty under the Trade Descriptions Act 1972 and Consumer Protection Act 1999 are liable to a fine up to RM250,000 (individuals are liable to a maximum fine of up to RM100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years or to both).

TAKE NOTICE that ZGKM will not hesitate to take immediate legal action to protect its rights and interests including commencing civil proceedings for injunctive relief, delivery up, damaged and such other relief as the Court may consider appropriate. The Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs ("the Enforcement Division"), pursuant to the complaints made by ZGKM, has been conducting raids against targets dealing with such counterfeit products in various parts of Malaysia and has made substantial seizures of counterfeit products bearing the Trade Marks. ZGKM will continue to support the Enforcement Division in such actions.

Any party having information relating to unauthorized printing, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit products bearing the Trade Marks or marks similar to the Trade Marks are urged to report to ZGKM (603-79838560) or its solicitors, Messrs Wong Jin Nee & Teo, the particulars of which are as set out below.

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