Nan Dou Liu Xing Longevity Lamp

Bei Dou Qi Xing (北斗七星)is renowned throughout the world; most people only knew about Bei Dou Qi Xing and did not know that there is a Nan Dou Liu Xing (南斗六星)too. Nan Dou Xing Jun, Nan Ji Da Di and Nan Ji Xian Weng are different names but in fact is one person. The position of Nan Dou star is due south and is formed by six stars that took the name of Nan Dou dominating longevity. Where can we find these six stars? During mid-summer night, looking at centre of the sky towards the south it is located at the position of Sagittarius and east of Cancer. Nan Dou Liu Xing dominates longevity while Bei Dou Qi Xing dominates death. In the book entitled “Three Kingdoms” chapter 69 with sub-title “Foretells using Zhou-Yi and Guan-Lu knows the truth, catches five traitors in office and send them to death,” had a very detailed description.

During era of the three kingdoms, there was a learned divination expert called Guan-Lu. One day, as he walked along the field, he saw a young man working in the field. He watched for some time and asked, “Young man, what is your name and how old are you?”

The young man replied, “I am Zhao-Yan and I am nineteen years old. May I know who are you?”

Guan-Lu said, “I am Guan-Lu, I noticed that there is dead air between your eye brows; you will die within three days. You are nice looking but it's a pity that your life is short.”

Zhao-Yan went back and told his father about it. When his father heard this, he quickly brought Zhao-Yan and rush to meet Guan-Lu. He kneeled and asked Guan-Lu to teach the method for resolving such matter.

Guan-Lu said, “This is fate, how can it be changed?”

Father of Zhao-Yan cried and begged in great sorrow, “I only have this son, please pity and help us!” Zhao-Yan also kneeled down and cried.

Guan-Lu was touched, he told Zhao-Yan, “You can prepare a bottle of wine and a plate of deer meat; go in to Nan Shan (mountain) and you will see two men playing chess under a big tree. One man is wearing a white robe and is fierce looking; he sits facing south. The other man is wearing a red robe and looks friendly; he sits facing north. You could take opportunity when they pay attention on the chess and presents to them the wine and deer meat. After they have finished the food and drink, kneel down crying and beg them to give you long life. You can be successful but don't tell them I teach you all these.”

The next day, Zhao-Yan prepared the necessary food and drink and walked toward the mountain. After about five or six miles, he saw the two men playing chess on a big stone under a big tree. They didn't notice Zhao-Yan approaching. Zhao-Yan kneeled down and presented the food and wine. Because the two old men was so addicted in playing chess, they finished the food and wine in no time. Zhao-Yan took the chance to kneeled down crying and begged the two old men to change his life. The two old men then only realized the existence of Zhao-Yan. The old man wearing red robe said, “It must be Guan-Lu who teaches you this!” Then he said to the man wearing white robe," Since we have taken advantage of him, we must do something for him.”

The old man wearing white robe took out a booklet and checked. He told Zhao-Yan, You are now nineteen years old and it's the end of your life. I now add a nine to your age making it into 99 so that you can live until age 99. You go back and tell Guan-Lu, ask him don't ever disclose celestial secret again or else he would be punished.”

The old man wearing red robe took out a brush and wrote a 9 to Zhao-Yan’s age. A sweet fragrant flew passed, the two old men changed into two white cranes and flew up the sky. Zhao-Yan went home and told Guan-Lu what had happened. Guan-Lu said, “The old man with red robe is Nan Dou Old Man and the one with white robe is Bei Dou Old Man. Nan Dou dominates life and Bei Dou dominates death.” From that time on, Guan-Lu never ever telling fortune for others because he feared he would leak celestial secrets.


Nan Dou Liu Xing dominates longevity and happiness. Xing Jing” (星经)wrote: Nan Dou Liu Xing dominates the emperor’s life, also lives of premier and officials. During

New Year or festive seasons, birthday, feeling not well, feeling bad, falls sick, bad memory and so on, you should light up Nan Dou Liu Xing lamp arrangement. (If pregnant mother to be could light up Nan Dou Liu Xing lamp arrangement for her baby, it could help smooth delivery and enhance longevity and happiness.)

Before lighting up Nan Dou Liu Xing lamp you should wash your hands first. Burn three sticks of incense first then light up Nan Dou Liu Xing lamps. Put Nan Dou Liu Xing lamp arrangement on table that already prepared facing outside the main door. When fire of lamps extinguishes, burn paper boxes of Nan Dou Liu Xing together with Huan Zhai Jin so that Nan Dou Xing Jun could pay debts for you. If it is inconvenience at home, you can do it in the temple or entrust person in charge of the temple to help you do so. Remember when lighting up Nan Dou Liu Xing, you must chant:

Incense in heart, grateful for your kindness

Your follower _________ piously prepare Nan Dou Liu Xing lamp arrangement and invites Nan Dou Xing Jun to come to my house and receive our worshipping; we pray for holy light to shine, to prolong life, provide safety for our family, be healthy and smooth for everything.

Deity effective brings safety and happiness to house Without calamity happiness always will be here

Your sincere follower _________