When worshipping celestial deities, Tian Guan Jin can be burnt to obtain the infinite mercy of the celestial Emperor to relieve everyone from suffering, open their mind, bestows health and fortune to them.

Traditionally, Chinese used to install deities like the God of Mercy, Guan Ti Shen Jun, Fa Zhu Gong, the Monkey King and so on in their house. But they also worship other Deities depending on the predestined lot they have with those deities.

According to custom of worship by Malaysian Chinese, the God of Mercy and Guan Ti Jun are the most popular.


Another most respected deity is the celestial deity worshipped by every household. Celestial deity is usually placed at the left hand side of the door (as seen from inside). The big red shrine which is a trend now is placed at 45˚ facing the main door. Inside it is a board written with "Tian Guan Shi Fu".

People treated Tian Guan as deity of fortune who is the subject for worshipping. This is synonymous to the words "Fu Xing Gao Zhao" (fortune star shines high).

Fu Xing is also called Sui Xing (year star) which originally was Jupiter. It was later deify to become Fu Xing.


Taoist makes San Guan deities as its belief. San Guan (three deities) is also called San Guan Da Di that comprises of Tian Guan (celestial deity), Di Guan (earth deity) and Shui Guan (water deity). Sometimes they are being called “San Yuan”.

As from understanding, Tian Guan bestows fortune, Di guan remits sins and Shui Guan resolves disasters.

According to custom, the 9th day of the 1st Lunar month is Tian Gong Dan (birthday of the celestial).

“Tian Guan Shi Fu” has been popularized as auspicious word and the character “Fu” has become the symbol of blessing for everyone. In recent years, during Chinese New Year, Chinese would paste “Fu” upside down on the wall signifying Tian Guan bestows fortune to the world.


Zhu Ge Kong Ming Sdn. Bhd. understands that many people are worshipping Tian Guan (Tian Shen) and they only pray with incense on the first and fifteen days of every month. They didn’t realize that to obtain “blessing” of the deity they must go through self redemption, guilt remittance and obtain good luck. By this way, sins of before life could be remitted.

Master Miao Da has been continuously doing research and develops sacred offering materials for ritual performance in recent years. From “Buddhist Purifying Oil” and “Buddhist Mysterious Liquid” developed earlier to “Treasure Vault of Civil and Warrior Gods of Wealth”, “Huan Zhai Jin”, “Tai Sui Temple”, “Shou Sheng Qian” and “Di Zhu Jin” innovated later, are all popular demand in the incense industry. These products are being pirated and copied for lucrative profits.


Come this year, Miao Da continuously working hard to innovate “Tian Guan Jin” as a necessary offering material when worshipping celestial deity (Tian Guan). By burning Tian Guan Jin, believers would be blessed with wisdom, good health and wealth.

“Tian Guan Jin” can be burnt at any time when worship the celestial deity. There is no need to wait for every first or fifteen day of the month to do so. This deed could obtain the infinite mercy of the celestial Emperor and relief the believers from the sea of bitterness.

When worshipping the celestial deity and burn Tian Guan Jin incense paper, one must be piously repent and looking forward to do good deeds.

As from understanding, repent piously and burn Tian Guan Jin can remit all sins. All kinds of evils would not come near to trouble the person. He would obtain longevity and would not die in accident.


People only know that Buddha is merciful but is ignorant about the infinite mercy of the celestial Emperor. The celestial Emperor, like other saints and Buddha, is spreading message of good and evil, cause and effect in life. He advises people to practice Buddhism or Taoism to relieve them from doing bad deed and take evil ways. This is like a nutritionist who tells people how to be healthy but did not provide effective nutrients for such purpose. Buddha could not remit totally sins of the people. But the infinite merciful celestial Emperor could. He could remit every sin with correct approach. Every individual’s action, bad and good deeds were recorded and categorized by a deity responsible for such duty and then reported to the celestial Emperor. The celestial Emperor would see according to each person’s lot and order Nan and Bei Dou Xing Jun to formulate his basic soul and life span. In order not to let people be drowned in the sea of bitterness, celestial Emperor discloses h is method of redemption. For those who are really repent and doing good deeds, they are allowed to pray and use Nan Bei Dou method to redeem own self, remit sins and bless with luck. For person who does not know his birth date, he could ask for such favour from San Guan Da Di to resolve sins before life. Therefore, the infinite mercy of celestial Emperor is none to compare by other deities.

Believers who follow suit to burn Tian Guan Jin can lead a peaceful life and relieve from many sins. They can also feel free and shun all evils from approaching them. Whatever they wish for, they shall have it.