Every year there are four zodiac animal signs conflict with Tai Sui. In order to avoid offending Tai Sui deity to escape being fallen sick and brought disasters, it is suitable to worship Tai Sui.

As for the four animal signs people, they must remind themselves to worship Tai Sui deity. Now, they need only to buy Tai Sui temple produced by Zhu Ge Kong Ming Sdn Bhd. for burning. They must be prudent, law abiding, do more good deeds and beware of the weather changes. Burning Tai Sui Temple can only resolve penalty of conflicting Tai Sui. It did not turn the confrontation into aiding power; it only turns confrontation into two unrelated parties. It would be better to burn "Tai Sui Jin" produced by the same company.

"Tai Sui Jin" was innovated by Master Miao Da for those who conflict Tai Sui deity during the year to protect them and bless them well in everything. But if the product has not been charmed by Master Miao Da and is bought from unauthorized dealers, it doesn't serve the purpose.

Tai Sui is the yearly deity. Taoist scripture related that Tai Sui deity dominates "disasters of a person" and "the danger of offending during the year." This means that the good and bad of a person are dominated by Tai Sui deity. The health of a person, his conditions of the luck cycle are all managed by Tai Sui deity.

Therefore, burning Tai Sui Jin is to obtain care from Tai Sui deity. We also do that to pray for Tai Sui's protection, good health, safe and auspicious.