People offending or conflicting Tai-Sui needs only to buy a Tai-Sui temple produced by Zhu Ge kong Ming, fill in the two forms attached inside of which one is printed on the back of the Tai-Sui temple. The other form is placed inside an envelope. Fill in this form and send it back to Zhu Ge Kong Ming for Master Miao Da to charm and enhance its power. After filling  in the form on the back, put the Tai -Sui temple on the altar or other place at home will do. Three treasures together with a Plow array are placed inside the temple. these things helped to convert Tai-Sui's fierceness into helping force. When your name is written on the back, you are protected by the spiritual power to be smooth in everything , auspicious and safe. The best time to enshrine Tai-Sui temple is from First day of Lunar year until Qing-Ming(Lunar March when paying visit to ancestors' graves) at any time. you only need to write down your name, year, month and time of birth, burning three joss sticks and pray in fornt of the enshrined Tai-Sui temple. Burn three joss sticks every morning and evening will do. After Dong-Zhi before Chinese New Year send the Dominating Tai-Sui back to Heaven. To send Tai-Sui back, burn three joss sticks pray in front of Tai-Sui, saying my name is so and so, born in so and so, now sending Tai-Sui back to Heaven, thanking Tai-Sui for taking care in this one whole year for safety and prosperity.