Wen Chang Ti Jun was  incarnated as a high official in the human world 73 times.  As an honest and clean official, he was never cruel to people.  Instead, he helped people in need, was merciful to the orphans, forgave others’ mistakes.  Therefore, the Heavenly Emperor ordered Imperial Sovereign Wen Chang Ti Jun to be in charge of the list of names of would-be-officials.  All appointments and promotions of officials through examinations and recommendations were in charged by Wen Chang Ti Jun.  Wen Chang Ti Jun Birthday falls on the 3rd day of  the 2nd Lunar month.


Burning Wen Chang Jin incense paper can help to protect believers and students. It  enhances wisdom and personal luck so that everything will be smooth and successful. Ordinary people who wish to achieve fame and riches can worship Wen Chang Ti Jun praying to be successful and be promoted to a higher rank. To get rid of fear, panic or bewilderment, burn Wen Chang Jin and bring confidence to own self, aim for the winning target and go for it.

1.Helps family members in their studies, examinations and smoothly acquire a good position.
2.Beneficial to family members on their transferring of jobs or promotions.
3.Good for career development or business advancement.
4.Burning Wen Chang Jin can save trouble looking for Wen Chang temple or personal Wen Chang position.
5.Burning Wen Chang Jin can be a substitution of Wen Chang brush.

For a year that is not so smooth, burning Wen Chang Jin can help students making progress in their studies and obtain good results in examinations. Besides being beneficial to people working in educational field and students, burning Wen Chang Jin also is good for working staff. It can create a positive effect when signing any contract or agreement.

Questing for knowledge is the most important period in a man's life. As a baby we learn to speak, then go to kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college and university. All these are for the satisfaction of acquiring new knowledge. And when we step in to the society, all kinds of technique for living and standard of public relations are learn through study. Therefore Wen Chang Ti Jun, the God who manages knowledge, is one of the very important gods of protection.

Zhu Ge Kong Ming Sdn Bhd abides rules of Taoist teaching to launch Wen Chang Jin incense paper for everyone, hoping that they will get the blessing from Wen Chang Ti Jun and be successful in everything they do. There is no need to utter any incantation when burning Wen Chang Jin, just write your name on the space provided.